Real Vietnamese Birthday Cake - Famous Bakery in Ho Chi Minh City

Real Vietnamese Birthday Cake - Famous Bakery in Ho Chi Minh City "Huong Vi Viet"

Hương Giang - 23/11/2019

All about cakes!

A birthday party wouldn't be complete without the perfect cake. The perfect cake has to start from the finest, freshest ingredients from our kitchen. We believe that every effort we made would turn into something beautiful, powerful and of course, tasty! Cakes are, after all, meant to be the perfect dessert at every party. The sweet favor will lead you to an imagined world, make you feel comfortable and happy.

Our best-selling model with simple but beautiful decoration

At we all expected perfection from all products. We work with our passion for cakes. We love cakes! This is why we invest as many efforts in finding the best ingredients as we do in decorating our products. 

It’s your birthday cake!

Everyone deserves a homemade cake on their birthday. Nothing feels quite as special as a big, sponge cake topped with piles of fluffy frosting and crowned with a ring of candles. We have the best of the qualified chef with perfect skill and knowledge to bake the yummiest birthday cake ever. Whether your taste tends toward a classic buttery milk cake or chocolate layer cake, we surely can delight your mood with the favor you love.

Heart-shaped layers chocolate cake with two styles of decoration

We understand the beautiful challenge of baking a birthday cake. Baking correctly and putting a product out that is correct is complicated, especially at the volumes we do. But with years of experience in the baking business, we can smoothy change this challenge into an adventure. We have different fun things to do as we do what we are good at. This made hours of working with flour and oven filled with passion and laughter.

We have the freshest ingredients!

The journey of becoming one of the best bakeries in Ho Chi Minh City including the path of finding the best source for ingredients. From the most basic as flour, yeast, butter, eggs to the additional one as tropical fruits, strawberry, blueberry, we require every single one to reach perfection. 

Buttery milk cream cake topped with fresh strawberries slides

As you might be interested, our kitchen shelf is full of high-quality cake ingredients. take pride in purchasing only high-quality professional bakery supplies. We have connections with some of the most reputable companies. Therefore, we proudly claim our chefs are fully educated on the various standards followed by those in the industry, no matter what the cost.

Corn flavored cake with corn candies and nuts produces our own fresh cake from ingredients from Dalat and thus, is famous for our high-quality products. We are also well-known for the creative use of local ingredients, high-quality standards applied for both products and services. Only the most delicious, moist, not-too-sweet Strawberries are used to create our significant Strawberry favor cake. Only the purest of organic milk is used to make our famous fluffy cake.

What do we offer from our kitchen?

No matter what the special occasion is — wedding, birthday, anniversary or any other important day — a beautiful and delicious cake will help to transform any celebration into an unforgettable event.

Grand opening Cake printing company's  logo

Our treats are as deliciously wholesome as they are beautifully decorated. Choose from our signature birthday cake collection or custom created desserts now! - a bakery in Ho Chi Minh City - prioritize in food safety and hygiene first

From ingredients selection to production and finished products, we follow a strict closed process, ensuring absolute food hygiene and safety.
- Using advanced baking system, cream whisk, egg whisk with advanced technology.
- Baking and selling cake within a day to make sure our customers experience the best quality.
- Using only fresh and high-qualified ingredients, avoid food preservatives and chemicals

Let's take a quick look at our menu

  • Many layers cake with chocolate/milk frosting
  • Heart-shaped cream chocolate cake for your loved one
  • Logo printed Cake for company anniversary
  • Vanilla cream cake with fresh fruit chosen by you
  • Vietnamese animal zodiac birthday cake for those appreciate tradition

And many other categories of cake waiting for you to explore in our bakery!

The process of buying Cake from us:
Come and visit our stores if you are in Ho Chi Minh City! Otherwise, we have the best solution for you. 
Good news! now is expanding our market. Wherever you are, we can delivery our cake to you. Simply contact us via our website or send us an email for your reservation!
Please contact us 3 -5 days before your celebration day to ensure the best possible preparation!

Call now at (+84)-926116939

Viber: (+84)-936901789

Zalo: 0926119639

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